Session 1 Precision Engineering Measurement

S06. Measurement of Thin-Film Evaporation Heat Transfer for Evaporators with Sintered Powder Wick Structure

S140. Automatic Optical Inspection System of 3D Surface Profile of Unsymmetrical Microstructure Using Optical Interferometric Microscope

S154. Development of a Micro Photoluminescence Measurement System for the Inspection of GaAs/GaAs1-X PX

S31. A Calibration and Data Analysis Method for Five-Axis Machine Tools


Session 2 Tribology for Manufacturing

S109. Tool Wear in a Ceramic Micro-Drilling Process Using Image Processing Methods

S118. Effect of Tool Geometry on Strength of Friction Stir Spot Welded Aluminum Alloys

S124. Performance Analysis of Magnetic Hydrodynamic Tilted Bearing with Surface Roughness

S24. White Layer Control in Gas Nitriding Process Using an Oxygen Sensor

S29. Form Grinding Simulation and Tool Abrasion Estimation for Twin Screw Compressor Rotors Based on SolidWorks API


Session 3 Machining and Forming I

S17. Effect of Structural Shape of Corrugated Medium on Flat-Crush Characteristics of Corrugated Fiberboard

S168. A Study on the Inner Wall Spiral Polishing with Magnetic Force

S66. The Study on Evaluation of Hybrid Drilling Command under Deep Hole Drilling

S149. Flaw Classification of Flexible Copper Clad-Laminated Sheet

S33. Characteristics of Micro EDM for Insulating Aluminum Nitride Ceramics


Session 4 Micro- and Nano-Fabrication I

S60. Special Optics Element Design in Enhancing Illumination Effects

S63. Experimental Study of Mechanical Properties of PC/PMMA Blends by Injection Molding Process

S67. The Study on the Fabrication of Nanostructure and Nanomold by Nano-Oxidation and Hydrofluoric Acid Eetching on TiAlN Thin Film

S83. Growth of Al -doped ZnO Thin Films at Room Temperature on Flexible Substrates

S128. Removal Analysis and Ultrasonic Assisted Wire Electrical Discharge Grinding (UA-WEDG) Processes with Augmented Rotational Axis


Session 5 Precision Engineering Measurement II

S62. Ultra-Precision Angle Sensor Based on Michelson Interferometry

S18. Interactive Robot Compliance Control Incorporating Environment Information

S48. Probe Position Planning for Measuring Cylindrical Gears on a Four-Axis CNC Machine

S98. Development of In-Process Tool Flank Wear Detection System for Intermittent Cutting Process by Face Milling

S75. An Improvement on the Processing Speed of Computed Tomography with GPU


Session 6 Machining and Forming II

S158. Study on Draw Bending of Metal Tube Applied with Axial Thrust into a Small Bend Radius

S152. Square Tube Manufacturing for Al7075 by Forward Extrusion with Porthole Die

S162. Abrasive Distribution of the Fixed Diamond Wire in Wire Sawing Process

S92. Enhancing the Surface Uniformity of Polygon Holes Polishing in Abrasive Flow Machining

S74. Abrasive Jet Polishing on Bulk Metallic Glass


Session 7 AIM-HI Symposium

S19. Interpolation-Integrated Contouring Control of Biaxial Systems

S25. Friction and Disturbance Compensation for Free-Form Contour Following Tasks of Biaxial Linear Motor Systems

S30. Fabrication of Dome-Shaped Flexible Diaphragm Supported PZT Ultrasonic Transducers

S33. E-Manufacturing Framework Based on Cloud Computing

S34. Robust Control of Adaptive Cutting for High Efficiency Machinery


Session 8 Micro- and Nano-Fabrication II

S05. Replicate Micro-structures of UV Resin by PDMS Mold and Gasbag Roller on PC Film

S10. Fabrication of Nanocomposite Thin Film Gas Sensor System

S53. Effects of Sputtering Power on Optical and Electrical Properties of Al-doped ZnO Thin Film on Flexible Substrates

S57. Simulation Analysis of Nanocutting on the Surface of Sapphire

S127. Effect of Grain Size on Micro Ball Punch Deformation of SUS 304 Stainless Steel


Session 9 Laser and Machining

S114. Mechanical Burnishing – A Study of Process

S13. Investigation of Pulsed-Jet Assisted Laser Drilling

S04. Investigation on the Formability of Magnesium Alloy 3C Products under Hybrid Embossing Processes

S26. Enhancement of Through Silicon Via (TSV) Sidewall Quality by Nanosecond Laser Pulses with Chemical Etching Process

S14. Precision Measurement Using Template Matching for Laser Speckle Patterns


Session 10 AIM-HI Symposium

S41. New Intelligent Equipment Monitoring Architecture Based on Cloud Computing

S100. Topology Optimization of Flywheel Rotors

S102. Experimental Study on Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Mechanical Micromachining (AIM-HI)

S131. Modeling and Control of Magnetic Flexible Rotor Bearing System

S167. The Stress Variations in a Mating Plastic Spur Gear Pair

S39. Drill-Path Optimization with Time Limit and Thermal Protection


Session 11 Tribology for Manufacturing II

S180. Sustainable Design-Centered Manufacturing

S09. Fatigue Behavior of Swept Spot Friction Welds in Lap-Shear Specimens of Alclad 2024-T3 Aluminum Sheets

S29. Influence of Apparent Contact Pressures and Groove Parameters in Contact Simulation with Tribological Surface Textures

S47. Effects of Surface Modification on Tribological Performance for Thrust Bearing in Scroll Compressor

S85. Analysis of Wear Behaviour of Sintering Carbide versus Nitriding and DLC Hardened Steel


Session 12 Machining and Forming III

S11. A Change of Curved Direction of Distortional Strand to an Opposite Direction in Stereolithography

S65. Study on Mechanical Properties of Bimetal Hydroforming Die Using a New Longitudinal Electromagnetic Field Hybrid GMA Welding Technique

S161. Springback in the Bending of Advanced High Strength Steel Sheets

S143. Effect of Sintering Time on Microwave Dielectric Properties of La2Sn2O7 Ceramics


Session 13 Robotics and Automation I

S122. Kinematic and Dynamic Analyses of a Series-Type Independently Controllable Transmission Mechanism

S69. Design of Drug-Delivery Micro-Wheel by Change of Gravity Center

S15. The Distributed Control of a Disaster-Preventing Mobile Robot with CAN Bus

S120. Application of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System on Predicting Springback of U-Bending

S99. Fuzzy Cognitive Map Control on Room Temperature in a Smart House


Session 14 E-manufacturing

S23. Development of Liquid Spray Process in a Rapid Prototyping Machine

S111. Facility Supply Systems Analysis of Abnormal Events - Take Small and Medium Solar Cell Manufactory for Example

S106. Study on the Cutting Simulation of Universal Gear Generator

S135. A Comparison of Two Chromosome Representations Used in ACO to Solve a Scheduling Problem

S177. Manufacturing Analysis on Planarization of Hydrolysis Material Wafers


Session 15 Ultrasonic Assisted

S80. The Influence of Blanking Process by Superimposing Ultrasonic Vibrations

S157. Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Diamond Disk Dressing of CMP Polishing Pad

S173. Construction of Processing Prediction Model and Parameter Optimization Model for Ultrasonic Assisted Turning

S163. Ultrasonic-Assisted on the Turning of Inconel 718 by Taguchi Method

S56. The Design and Analysis of Ultrasonic Roll Welding Head and Tool


Session 16 Bio-medical Manufacturing

S129. A Rapid and Low Cost Manufacturing for Polymeric Microfluidic Devices

S133. Implementation of a Butterworth Bandpass Filter for Heart Sound Detection

S145. Stress Distribution on Bone and Implant by Three-dimensional Finite Element Analysis

S148. Application of Rapid Prototyping Technology in Development of Continuous Implanters for Dermal Papilla Cells


Session 17 Micro- and Nano-Fabrication III

S68. Evaluation of Microstructure and Glass Transition Temperature of Al-Cu-Cr-Fe-Ni High-Entropy Alloy by Molecular Dynamics Simulation

S103. The Research and Development of Dissolved Oxygen Chip Sensor for Aquaculture Fishery Industry

S105. Parameters Analysis of Line Segment Fabrication on Near-Field Photolithography

S126. The Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Formation of Silicides Phase of Nanoindented Ag/Si Thin-Film

S03. Occurrence of Grain Subdivision Reduces Springback in Microtube Press Bending Process


Session 18 Finite Element

S110. Three Dimension Finite Element Analysis on Neck-Spinning Process of Thick-Walled Tube at an Elevated Temperature

S12. Rapid FEM Simulation on Machining Process by Python Language Programming

S136. Finite-element Analysis of the Lateral Compression of Clad Tube between V-shaped Dies

S70. Application of FEM Simulation and Abductive Network to Predict the Springback of U-Shaped Bending Process with Counter Force

S166. A Three-Dimensional Atomic-Scale Finite Element Model for a Copper Nano Thin Film Subject to Uniaxial Tension


Session 19 Green Manufacturing I

S121. An Efficient Computational Method for Dynamic Interaction of High Speed Train and Railway Structure Including Derailment During an Earthquake

S50. Modeling of a Time Dependent Alternative Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

S117. Determining Vehicle Allocation for Automated Materials Handling System: New Formulation and Solution Methodology

S97. An RFID-Based Model for Object Relationship Identification and Guidance

S51. Combine Product Design and Supply Chain Decisions to Minimize Carbon Footprint


Session 20 Robotics and Automation II

S16. The Integration of Radar and Vision Data for Anti-Collision System in Vehicle Safety

S164. Real-Time 3-D Mapping for Indoor Environments Using RGB-D Cameras

S93. Optimization of Post-CMP Cleaning Process for LAO Wafers Using Grey Relational Analysis

S174. Optical Image Inspection of Cutting Tool Geometry for Grinding Machines


Session 21 Machining and Forming IV

S132. The Study of Electro-Formed Copper on Micro Deep Drawing Process

S139. High Efficiency LED Module with 3D Bending Machine

S156. Effects of Material Properties of Cue on Ball Trajectory in Billiards

S153. Formulation of Worst Spindle Speeds Considering Stability in End Milling

S61. Study of Forging Forming of 7075 Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Pedal


Session 22 Green Manufacturing II

S176. A Study on the Shaping of the Flow Channels of the Metallic Separator for Fuel Cells by Incremental Forging

S89. A Group Method of Data Handling for Oil-Immersed Transformer Life Cycle Assessment

S142. Evaluation Using System Dynamics for Renewable Energy Mechanism Effect on Electricity Sector

S147. Parameter Optimization for Microlens Arrays Fabrication Using Genetic Algorithms

S171. A Study on Characteristics of Bamboo Charcoal for Polishing of Silicon Wafer


Session 24 Manufacturing Applications

S113. FEM Simulation Comparisons of Backward Extrusion

S119. The Characteristics of Surface Wave Propagation in Two Elastic Media for Micro- Porous Plate

S125. Analysis of Superplastic Blow Forming of Fine-Grained Cu-based Shape Memory Alloy

S22. Modelling of Damage Evolution in the Vicinity of Frictional Interfaces in Metal Forming

S151. General Solution to Bond Rolling of Unbounded Sandwich Sheet with Outer Soft and Inner Hard Layers Considering Coulomb Friction